Lincoln is everywhere-even at the Mall!

Lincoln's image used on a billboard in the mall

Back in April I was at a local mall and there he was-Abraham Lincoln! Well, at least it was the image of Lincoln-his head to be more precise.  It’s a face most people are familiar with because of the five dollar bill. The billboard had something to do with saving money, I think, so using Lincoln’s image was the connection. Once again, Abraham Lincoln is used for marketing purposes. I’ve talked about this previously. Really, I don’t mind. Each generation must discover Abraham Lincoln. The mall is a busy place. There are shoppers, mall walkers, and scores of others there just hanging out. Young people love malls! In fact, after school during the weekdays and on the weekend, it’s hard to get around on the walkways in the mall because there are so many teenagers milling about. Maybe some of them will not know who Lincoln was. Maybe the silly picture on the billboard will inspire some to find out. Don’t laugh. I’ve mentioned before about the newly out-of-college student who had no clue as to who Abraham Lincoln was. She said to me: “Isn’t he the guy on the penny?” At that point, I realized in a very serious way that there had to be something lacking in the education system. I have found further evidence of that in talking to others. Don’t they teach American history anymore in school? I’ve come across quite a few others of young people who don’t know hardly anything about Lincoln, the Civil War, or other important American historical topics. Don’t students have to memorize the Gettysburg Address anymore? Apparently not. In fact, many can’t even explain what the Gettysburg Address is!  In high school, I did a report on the Battle of Gettysburg. It was fairly detailed. I had a great time learning more about the battle and the larger implications for the Civil War at the time. I recently asked someone about the Battle of Gettysburg. She was in her early twenties. She asked me if that battle was in the American Revolution! Maybe, what is happening to our society is that the mall has taken the place of serious study-and homework. Do they still assign homework in school? Yes, Lincoln is everywhere-even in the mall. But will anyone know who it is? Or will they just unthinkingly walk by eating pretzels and drinking sodas. Heaven help us.

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