Lincoln Memorial – In Memory of a Great Man

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The Lincoln Memorial in Washington is located in an area known as the National Mall and was founded in 1922. This 107.43 acre structure was built in memory of the 16th president of the United States of America who was none other than Abraham Lincoln himself. This influential leader was one of the pioneers who stood up against the oppression of minorities in America. He is regarded as one of the greatest leaders to have ever become the president of the country and is famous among the African-American community in the United States for his efforts to eradicate ****** behavior in the 1800’s. Abraham Lincoln was eventually assassinated in 1865 in an effort to silence the idea of racial equality which ironically resulted in the movement gaining strength with the help of other leaders such as Martin Luther King.

The building itself is constructed to resemble a Greek temple and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Washington area. Visitors to this memorial site will see that within the building sits a large sculpture of Abraham Lincoln (seated), designed by Daniel Chester French. The architect who was given the responsibility of handling this literally monumental project was Henry Becon. Purely because Abraham Lincoln was such an influential and controversial political figure who was well known around the world, hundreds of travelers visit the site daily. After you climb up the staircase, read the inspiring inscription just above the sculpture of President Lincoln and look towards the Washington Monument and find yourself immersed in a moment of reflection on the hardships that this great man had to face when he put himself at stake to fight for the freedom of his countrymen.

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