Lincoln Never Took On The “Victim” ROLE

Though he had much to claim “victim status” over, Lincoln never took on the VICTIM role. Though he was born poor, lacked education, suffered the deaths of his mother, sister, and a brother early on, and had no prospects for a future, he didn’t complain. He didn’t blame others for his situation early in life. He didn’t  look to others to provide for him what he could do for himself. He didn’t wait for his “luck” to change. He refused to be a VICTIM. Instead, he chose to be a CREATOR.

As CREATOR, he got as much education as was available to him. Other than that, he chose to school himself. He learned the value of hard work. He learned that he could steer his way through life without someone making those “hard choices” for him. He lost loved ones but he moved on. He lost his first love-his sweetheart-but he moved on. He worked many jobs but chose a career and went after it.

Lincoln chose not to be a VICTIM. He moved on with his life. He left his father’s home and settled in a new town. He arrived seeking no handouts or freebies. He was willing to work to earn his keep not expecting unmerited favor. Eventually, he found a wife. He started his family. He practiced his profession. He continued as a CREATOR. He charted his course not being content with the “easy way.”

He stubbornly refused to be a VICTIM. He lost a young son. Later, he lost another son. He had setbacks. At times he failed in his efforts. He suffered depression. He chose not to let it disable him. In fact, he said that being happy was a choice! He may not have been in a happy marriage. However, he chose to stay in the marriage. He didn’t whine about it. He didn’t demand that life treat him differently. He didn’t blame his past. He wasn’t mad at God.

Oh, he had his PERSECUTORS.  His wife presecuted at times. He nearly lost his career over his stand on the Mexican War. And as President of the United States, he was scorned and ridiculed by just about everyone. He came into the office with the greatest threat that had ever presented to the country. He didn’t blame the previous President for what was left to him to deal with. He didn’t say anything unkind. He didn’t play the VICTIM CARD-and he didn’t look for RESCUERS. Instead, he did the best job he could. He made choices springing from his own well of reason, belief, and experience. As CREATOR, he saw the country through the terrible Civil War. And when it was over, he didn’t become a PERSECUTOR. While some wanted to punish the South and hang it’s leaders-he refused.

All in all, Lincoln had more than enough reasons to be a VICTIM. If he has chosen to do so he probably would not have been known to the world today. Countless others with lesser situations have worn the VICTIM robes. One will never know what could only have been achieved if they had refused to be VICTIMS and chosen to be CREATORS. Instead, they chose the paths of irresponsibilty. Thank God and goodness that Abraham Lincoln lived -and made the healthy choices he made. Although he never said so-he must have had great satisfaction in knowing that the achievements he attained were accomplished by his will to succeed. He had created and forged his reality all the way up to the end.  He died a VICTOR.

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