Lincoln: The Walking Dead?


Stephen Douglas was attending the Springfield state fair in 1854 when he heard that Abraham Lincoln was being very vocal against his Kansas-Nebraska Act. Mr. Lincoln was no stranger to Mr. Douglas. He pretended, however, that he didn’t know him when it was mentioned.

“I understand there’s some Whig lawyer around here taking issue with me-doesn’t he know that the Whig Party is dead?” Douglas voiced.


Lincoln agreed to debate Douglas on the matter of the Kansas-Nebraska Act-representing those against it.

On that subject, Lincoln began his remarks by saying:

“I understand Judge Douglas said the Whigs are dead. Well if that’s the case, I ask the band to play that familiar ‘Hark from the Tombs, a Doleful Sound,’ because as I live and breathe, I’m here to speak.”


Gleaned from ‘The Wit & Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln’ by John C. Humes



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