Lincoln writing the Gettysburg Address on the train

Abraham Lincoln bookend


Of course, it is accepted now by most (I think?)- that President Lincoln did not write the Gettysburg Address en-route to Gettysburg. The book The Perfect Tribute was largely responsible for that notion? Author Kent Gramm writing in the Summer 2004 edition of the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association in an article: A More Perfect Tribute also notes that in 1866 Harriet Beecher Stowe made the same claim-that he wrote it on the train. He also notes that Stowe was in Boston at the time of the Gettysburg trip. He also notes that Andrew Carnegie made the claim that he gave the broken pencil that Lincoln used to write the Address on the train-to Lincoln. However, Carnegie was in Pittsburg at that time. John Nicolay, who was with Lincoln on the train-stated that Lincoln did no writing whatsoever on the train trip. I guess Nicolay would know gosh darn it-he was there!

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