Lincoln Wrongheaded


Mr. Lincoln & B. Nash

Mr. Lincoln & B. Nash

I was given a Lincoln standee as a gift. I had mentioned that I give Lincoln presentations to whoever will have me and was always looking for new ideas. So I got this Lincoln standee. Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s cardboard and stands about 6’ 1” inches tall. The real Abraham Lincoln was 6” 4”. Well, close enough. It’s pretty sturdy. It folds into a much smaller size to make it easier to cart around. The audiences love it, by the way. It makes for a great “photo op.” There’s really only one problem with the thing. I noticed it as soon as I took it out of the box. People in the audience almost never notice it. I suppose the makers of the Lincoln standee were hoping that “Joe average” wouldn’t realize that the image of the Lincoln used for the standee was flawed. Remember the great movie ‘Young Frankenstein?’ There’s a hilarious scene with Gene Wilder (as Dr.Frankenstein) and Marty Feldman (as Igor). Igor is asked by Dr. Frankenstein about the brain that he put in the monster that Igor fetched. “Would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?” Igor eventually answered: “Abby Normal.” Dr. Frankenstein then realized that he had used an abnormal brain. The Lincoln standee has had a head transplant (instead of a brain transplant!) That’s what I saw immediately! The head used for the standee is from a photograph of Lincoln as President (my guess is circa 1864). But the rest of the image (his body from the shirt collar on down) is from a photograph of Lincoln prior to being elected President (circa 1860). I think it’s a hoot really. Look at the picture above and see for your self. Lincoln is the one with the beard (smile). Was Lincoln wrongheaded? In this case, he is!

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