Lincoln’s Last Night DVD Movie

Lincoln's Last Night DVD

Lincoln's Last Night DVD

I watched this new DVD “Lincoln’s Last Night” this week. My review of it is mixed. That being said, I had hoped for better. The actor portraying Lincoln is “dead on” (no pun intended)as far as actually looking like Lincoln. The battle scenes are also excellent. Overall it is fairly well done. It gives the viewer a real good flavor of the period. There are at least a dozen historical inaccuracies, however. I knew there was a problem when the actor portraying the young Lincoln (as newly arrived to Springfield) is sporting a beard! That to me is a bit much. I’ll list a couple more: the DVD affirms three times that the photo taken by Gardner (that cracked) was the last Lincoln photo taken- which we all know was not. Finally it was strange for me seeing the Cavalrymen chasing Booth wearing infantry uniforms. There were, as I said, quite a number of other problems. To the casual viewer these these probably would go unnoticed. The movie is meant to be respectful to Mr. Lincoln and is done very tastefully in that respect. I just wish they would have done more of their homework. The movie does have a disclaimer regarding historical accuracy. Oh well.

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  1. B. Nash says:

    No, I’ll have to look that one up.

  2. Evelyn Respress says:

    Did you see “The Good Fight” The Licoln Brigade.

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