“Lost & Found” Items from Lincoln Assassination Night

Replica of Booth derringer

Replica of Booth derringer



1) ONE SLOUCH HAT- Belonged to John Wilkes Booth. Many accounts of what Booth wore the night of April 14, 1865 do not mention his hat. It fell off during the escape?

2) ONE HAT- Believed to be the hat of President Lincoln. In the choatic aftermath of the shooting it must have been left at the theatre.

3) ONE SPUR- Another Booth item. Is it the spur that got caught in the Treasury Guard flag?

4) OPERA GLASS- Lincoln’s?

5) SINGLE-SHOT BABY PHILADELPHIA DERRINGER PISTOL- The weapon used by Booth to shoot Lincoln. Thrown down by Booth, no doubt, as an unneeded item once the shot was discharged.


These items were turned over to Metropolitan Police Headquarters Desk Sargent John Drill April 14-15, 1865- never to return to their original owners.

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