Mary Lincoln speaks of her husband Abraham Lincoln

The Lincolns

I know it’s popular (and easy) to talk about Mary Todd Lincoln in derogatory terms-especially when it comes to her relationship with Abraham Lincoln. Writers over the years have supported the view that Mr. Lincoln was basically miserable as a married man. Lincoln’s law partner proclaimed it very strongly. Of course, the Lincoln’s had their moments, to be sure. What married couple doesn’t?

The fact is, Lincoln loved Mary very deeply-and she him. She never recovered from his untimely death. In writing letters to others she spoke of  “Mr. Lincoln”-as she called him:

“Mr. Lincoln was the kindest, most tenderhearted, and loving husband and father in the world. He gave us all unbounded liberty, said to me always when I asked him for anything: you know what you want-go get it. He never asked me if it was necessary.”

Mary Lincoln went on to talk about how happy Lincoln was that last day of his life. As we all know, the Lincolns enjoyed a carriage ride together and talked about the future-their future. They were making plans to be together in a way that they hadn’t been able to do for so long because of his responsibilites. It seems they were determined to go back to something they had left so long ago-their “happy” days, if you will-those days before the presidency-before Washington, before the war. Yes, Mary spoke of her husband. She spoke in terms as one who had given her life to him. She truly did love him.

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