Mathias Judd & his strength to carry on


Mathias Judd

Mathias Judd


Mathias Judd was my second great-grandfather. A Union Civil war veteran, he obtained government disability for service in the United States military. Reading through documents from his pension file- I see that his fight to get disability approved was long and difficult. He finally was successful. Grandpa Judd, and those like him- certainly had grit. He wasn’t drafted- he volunteered. He joined the Union Army from his home state of Tennessee- yes, Tennessee. He suffered in the war. He came home after the war. He was not the same man when he got home. No one who serves in a war is, I suppose. How does such a person carry on? How does any soldier deal with what must be going on in his head at that point? And to even try and wrap one’s head around the idea that the disability is for the rest of one’s life. Was it worth it? What are the strengths to carry on? For Mathias Judd, it was his faith in God. Each veteran must find a strength. The suicide rate among them is very high. Not all succeed at finding what they need to cope with the demons in their heads. Mathias Judd found what he needed in the ministry. He became a preacher. After what he had been through, I imagine he was a good one. Hopefully the answer he found for his strength was a shining light for all those whose lives he touched, especially his fellow veterans- both blue and gray.

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