Mathias Judd: “Lincoln-man” Ancestor


Second Great-Grandfather of B. Nash

The Judd family moved to Putnam County, Tennessee about 1825 from Kentucky. Mathias Judd was born in Cookeville, Tennessee in 1844. His father was the Rev. Nathan Jackson Judd, Sr. who was a farmer and tanner by trade and an ordained circuit riding Baptist preacher. The Judd homestead was located three miles Southwest of Cookeville. The infamous “Trail of Tears” literally ran through the Judd family “backyard.” “Matt” Judd’s’ grandfather John Judd and great- grandfather Rowland Judd had both served in the Revolutionary War and fought at the battle of King’s Mountain. Rowland Judd was a neighbor to Daniel Boone when they lived in North Carolina. He had married a Cherokee.  One of Boone’s nieces married one of Rowland’s sons (Robert). Daniel Boone had also left Kentucky, but resettled in Missouri.

The sons of Nathan Jackson Judd Sr. were known loyal Union men. The War of the Rebellion was in its infancy when it is said that notorious Confederate guerilla Champ Ferguson and his band paid a “visit” to the Judd farm and killed Matt Judd’s eleven year old brother Siles (or Silas) in 1861. According to family history this deed so incensed Matt Judd that he swore when he would enlist in the Union Army and get revenge for the death of his brother. Champ Ferguson did “get his” so to speak. He was hung as a war criminal in Nashville in 1865 and buried near Sparta, Tennessee.

Matt Judd kept his word and joined the Union Army as part of the 1st Tennessee Mounted Infantry. He was 21 years old at time of enlistment in 1864. One wonders why he waited three years after the death of his brother to enlist. It may have been that the farm needed him to stay that long. Matt had also learned the art of tanning, like his father.  Or, it may have been because he met a young lady named Mary Bullington and married her in January 1864 in Nashville. Love conquers all! In the U.S. Army he eventually earned the rank of Corporal. He saw action fighting against Confederate guerilla activities in Middle Tennessee, including the areas of Carthage, Livingston, Salma, and Butler’s Landing. If he ever saw Champ Ferguson after the day of his brother’s killing, it is not known.

Matt was discharged honorably from the military July 1865. He eventually would obtain medical disability from his war service due to exposure to inclement weather. He received a pension.

He, like his father, became a circuit riding Baptist minister. He started many of the early churches in the Cookeville area. He also preached many revivals in Middle Tennessee.  Family tradition has it that his wife Mary had extraordinary spiritual powers and could heal the sick simply by breathing on the afflicted. Matt faithfully served his local GAR post. He died in 1925 at the age of 82. The Judd property eventually became the Judd Cemetery. Matt Judd and other Judd family members are laid to rest there (as well as many other local folks).  Matt has a GAR grave marker. One quiet days, one can almost hear the noises of the farm, the tanning business, and the busy family life that once dominated the landscape. Some Judd family members still live in the Cookeville area today.

Civil War soldier

Civil War soldier

B. Nash

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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16 Responses to “Mathias Judd: “Lincoln-man” Ancestor”

  1. Diane Sellers Campbell says:

    My 5th great grandfather is Rowland Judd and then through Nathaniel Judd and Elizabeth Owen/s. Thank you for all this information! So nice to have so many cousins also. Thank you!!


  2. Diane Sellers Campbell says:

    Rowland Judd was my 5th great grandfather, then through Nathaniel Jackson and wife, Elizabeth Owen/s. This is so cool to have so many cousins! This is such interesting information. Thank you so much!! Diane

  3. Diana Frerick says:

    Rowland Judd is my 5 X Great Grandfather. I am tied to his son Robert, then John Judd, then Andrew Jackson Judd. I would love any information on them, especially more info on the Cherokee woman Rowland married.

  4. Lola Stewart says:

    I am also a descendant of Sara Boone and John Wilcoxson. Rachel Greer and Robert Judd are my 4th Great-grandparents.

  5. Debbie Burton-Porter says:

    Awesome website…

    I am a descendant of Sarah Boone (Daniel’s oldest sister) & John Wilcoxson. Robert Judd, son of Rowland Judd, was married to my grand-aunt Rachel Greer, who was a daughter of Benjamin Greer & Nancy Wilcoxson.

  6. Sandra Monroe says:

    I am a Judd great great grandfather was Mathias Judd. My grandfather was Hershel Judd. My grandfather moved to Knox. And my mom Anna Mae Judd McClanahan and her siblings still live in the Knox. Area. Would love to get a copy of the Judd lineage.

  7. B. Nash says:

    Hello cousin. Glad you found my website! The Judd family rules!

  8. Sarah Vickstrom says:

    I am also a descendent of Rowland Judd. My grandma was Maude Lydia (Judd) Talley! John Judd, Nathaniel Judd, Walter Judd and Henry Nathan Judd is my line!

  9. Zoanna Curry says:

    My husband, Gerald Curry, is also a descendent of Rowland Judd, John Judd, Keziah Judd Curry, Wm. Andrew Jackson Curry, and James C. Curry. I would love to have copies of the Judd genealogy and pictures for my husband. His father died when he was only three and he has only recently found out about his Judd line. We went to Adair County, Kentucky a few years ago “just looking” for kin. Would love to correspond.

  10. B. Nash says:

    Tiffany: We are related then because the Judd line in America (at least my Judd line) goes back to Francis Judd in England. What is the book you received? Is it the Judd Book by Peggy Gregory?

  11. Tiffany Judd Lawson says:

    I am also of the Judd family line. My great grandfather was Nathan Charles Judd. I was given a very precious gift over Christmas. It is the Judd geneaology all the way back to Francis Judd who was born in 1664 in England. The book includes many pictures. I would love to share any information I have, and would love to learn more about the Judd family. Steven I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Judd cemetary. I was there back in 2000. I hope you enjoyed your visit. B. Nash and Steven what is your direct relation to Rev. Nathanial Jackson Judd? He was my Great Great Great grandfather.

  12. B. Nash says:

    Hello Steven. You and I are cousins then. There are Judd folks all over that area! Have fun!

  13. Steven Vetter says:

    I am a judd from this same line I am currently piecing it all together to figure out the exact family. I am going through december 23 to look at the cemetery are there any judds left in the area?

  14. B. Nash says:

    I had hired a genealogist in the past. She had a degree in it. I have no idea how you would start a service. It would have to be a side-job because I don’t think you could make a living from it-but who knows!

  15. I’ve been studying Canadian Genealogy for over 4 years now, can anyone send me in the right direction to start my own genealogy service? Is it even worth it?

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