Maybe another hero of Lincoln’s?



I’ve written about the individuals that Abraham Lincoln may have admired as a young man in previous postings. We know he had great respect for George Washington. I have speculated that he probably looked to Daniel Boone as an inspiration also.¬† I have even suggested that he may have been thrilled by the tales and stories concerning David Crockett. Speaking of Crockett- he was killed in 1836. Lincoln was 27 years old at the time. There was another man who died in 1836-a man that Lincoln probably knew about. I’d like to think that Lincoln not only knew about him but considered him one of his heroes, as well. That man was Simon Kenton. Kenton was 81 years old when he died. By the time of his death, he was well known. I sort of look at Kenton as the Daniel Boone of Ohio. Kenton had many similarities with Boone. First of all, they were friends. Kenton had many dealings with Boone. In fact, he once saved Boone’s life. Kenton made sure he visited the elderly Boone during his last years in Missouri. Other similarities included that they were both frontiersmen and had served in the military. Both had been taken to the fort at Detroit during the days of the Revolution. Both were adopted into the Shawnee¬†people. Both had survived the gauntlet. Both had explored vast regions of wilderness, including, of course, Kentucky. Both had many offspring. Both seemed to share common views of the world. Did Lincoln admire Kenton? I don’t know- but if he had heard of him (and I would say he did)-I think he would have. Washington, Boone, Crockett, and Kenton-those were the heroes of the day. Lincoln had pretty good role models, I would say.

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