Meet Richard Garrett’s Great-Grandson!

B. Nash with Herb Peters (great-grandson of Richard Garrett)

B. Nash with Herb Peters (great-grandson of Richard Garrett)

B. Nash & Herb Peters

B. Nash & Herb Peters

I had the honor of giving a presentation this evening about Abraham Lincoln to the Oaks Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution held in Clarkston, Michigan. I am a member of the SAR (Detroit Metro Chapter). It was a wonderful experience socializing and having a meal with my fellow compatriots. I was especially thrilled to be there as in attendance was the great-grandson of Richard Garrett. He was there as a new member of the SAR.  His name is Herb Peters. Ninety-four year old Herb Peters was a delight. Who was Richard Garrett, you ask?  Richard Garrett! You don’t know who Richard Garrett was? Richard Garrett was the farm owner whose tobacco barn John Wilkes Booth made his “last stand” in. It was on Richard Garrett’s front porch that John Wilkes Booth died about three hours after being shot in the neck by Sgt. Boston Corbett. It was Richard Garrett’s two adult sons that locked John Wilkes Booth and David Herold in their barn because they feared that the pair might steal their horses in the night. It was Richard Garrett who didn’t even know until the very last moment that his guests for two days were Lincoln’s assassins. That was Richard Garrett.  And I had dinner with his great-grandson Herb Peters. I know that SAR Oaks Chapter expressed their thanks for my time and effort in presenting  Lincoln tonight-but the honor was truly all mine. I have said it many times, by the way-we are not really that far removed from the era of Lincoln and the Civil War. I will have an update on Mr. Peters on a future posting.
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5 Responses to “Meet Richard Garrett’s Great-Grandson!”

  1. B. Nash says:

    Kathleen: Thanks for being at AbesBlogCabin! Sadly, Mr. Peters has passed away. Please see:

  2. Kathleen Garrett Wojtowicz says:

    It was really nice to see Richard Garrett’s great grandson. We share some of the same ancestors as I descend from the Garrett line from Virginia. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

  3. B. Nash says:

    Joe, thanks for checking out my Lincoln blog. I’m so glad you’re pleased with it! Did you read the posting about yourself and your ancestor. Was it satisfactory? Let me know. It was an honor to meet you.

  4. joseph Conger says:

    Dear Bill
    You have a neat blog and web presence.
    Great meeting you.
    I’m sure we’ll meet again.
    I’ll keep you in mind a speaker…
    Hope you had a good weekend.
    I’ve walking around with your card and finally was able to log on to your site.

    Joe Conger

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