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Brochure from the Henry Ford Museum, April 14, 2015

Brochure from the Henry Ford Museum, April 14, 2015

The Henry Ford Museum brochure notes that:

“The comfortable parlor rocker in which Lincoln had been sitting the night of the attack became an unlikely symbol of Lincoln’s vision and personal sacrifice. After being used as evidence in the trial of Lincoln’s conspirators, the rocker languished in storage for decades until Henry Ford purchased it in 1929 for Greenfield Village…the Lincoln rocker serves as a tangible reminder not only of President Lincoln’s personal tragedy but also the sacrifice he made in order to create a more perfect Union.”

Another interesting note in the brochure is that Henry Ford’s uncle, Barney Litogot- was a member of the 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry. This regiment had been especially chosen to accompany President Lincoln’s remains from the Capitol Building in Springfield to Oak Ridge Cemetery.

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