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Carl Sandburg writing in Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years (The Illustrated Edition) commented on life in America after the death of Lincoln. In the section quoted below he talked about it relation to African-Americans:

“In thousands of commentaries Lincoln incarnated two results-Emancipation and Union. Two causes directed by Lincoln had won the war. Gone was the property status of the Negro, gone the doctrine of secession and state’s rights. Black men could now move from where they were miserable to where they were equally miserable-now it lawful for them to move. Now too for the Negro no longer was it a crime for him to be found reading a book nor was it any longer a crime to teach a Negro to read.”

When I read Sandburg’s comments I reminded of what an impact Lincoln had on American society and on African- Americans, in particular.  My unscientific opinion is that Lincoln’s legacy has been largely forgotten today (or discredited) among blacks. Yet, I still can’t forget seeing the large numbers of African- Americans that stood in line for up to eight hours to view the Emanicipation Proclamation in 2011 at Dearborn’s The Henry Ford in Michigan. One African-American woman was heard to say that her ancestors waited hundreds of years for freedom from slavery-and that she therefore willing to stand in line a few hours to view that document. One very positive thing related to the thinking of Abraham Lincoln in the black community has been President Obamas stated admiration of the 16th President. Lincoln is often referenced in speeches by the president-and on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, President Obama was the key note speaker at the annual Abraham Lincoln Association banquet. I wish I had been there!  I bet Carl Sandburg would have loved to have been there too.

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