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Montgomery C. Meigs is not a name familiar with most folks today, I assume. However, he was an important figure in the 19th century. For one thing, he was the engineer in charge of the construction of the Capitol extension project in 1853, according to the Explore Capitol Hill website. Captain Meigs was appointed to that position by none other than Jefferson Davis-then the Secretary of War. The project took six and a half years to finish. Meigs went on afterwards to serve as the quartermaster general during the Civil War. He was appointed by President Lincoln.

Residents who live in the Detroit area are familiar with historic Fort Wayne. At the time of the Vietnam war, many local Detroit draftees and recruits spent some time at Fort Wayne before moving on to other assignments. However, the fort was already in existence long before the Vietnam era. A young army officer by the name of Montgomery C. Meigs was assigned to oversee the construction of what would become known as ‘Fort Wayne’  in the early 1840’s. The barracks that Meigs built still stand at Fort Wayne today, as a matter of fact. Just a few short years later after the completion of the fort, another young army officer was assigned to the post. He would later lead the United States Army to victory in the Civil War. After that, he would become president of the United States. His name? U.S. Grant.

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