More Lincoln Tid-Bits

A. Lincoln

A. Lincoln

*Lincoln’s ancestry goes back to England near a small town called Hingham in Norfolk County.
*Lincoln was the first president born outside the original 13 colonies.
*Although Lincoln had a sparse appetite, he enjoyed sweets including: cakes, gingerbread, and burnt sugar cakes.
*Lincoln had less than a year of formal school. Altogether he attended five schools.
*Lincoln never joined a church. However, he did attend church regularly. His parents were Baptists. He served as a sexton for a time at Little Pigeon Baptist Church in Indiana.
*Lincoln obtained his law license in 1836.
*There was never a photograph with the entire Lincoln family together.
*Lincoln was two inches taller than George Washington at six feet four inches.
*The first Republican candidate for president was not Lincoln but John C. Fremont.
*Lincoln was the first president that had been born in Kentucky.
*Lincoln was the first American to have his portait on a United States coin-the “Lincoln penny”-which started in 1909.
*Lincoln’s second inauguration was the first in which African-Americans participated.
*There were five living former presidents when Lincoln came into office as president-Van Buren, Tyler, Buchannan, Pierce, and Fillmore.
Gleaned partly from the “Abraham Lincoln Fact Book” by Gerald Sanders
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