More Lincoln Tid-Bits from “The Intimate Lincoln.”

Lincoln Statue by Cashwan. Photo by B. Nash

Lincoln Statue by Cashwan. Photo by B. Nash

Gleaned from “The Intimate Lincoln” by Joseph E. Suppiger
*Illinois State University elected Lincoln to it’s Board of Trustees
*Knox College and Columbia University gave Lincoln honorary doctorates
*Many members of the Hanks family and Lincoln’s own family were Democrats who did not support him for the Presidential vote in 1860.
*Lincoln had not planned on voting at all in the 1860 elections, but was convinced to do so by William Herndon.
*At Christmas time 1860, Lincoln purchased eleven handkerchiefs for his family and a few friends. The items were bought at John Williams’ store in Springfield.
*Lincoln visited his step-mother in Coles County in January 1861 and gave her a gift of a black woolen dress. She kissed him goodbye thinking she would never see him alive again. Lincoln also visited the grave of his father. 
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