More on Abraham Lincoln & Zachariah Chandler

Zachariah Chandler grave in Detroit, Michigan


The Chandler and Lincoln families both originally came from England settling down in New England. Both families were involved in the American Revolution. As young men, Zachariah Chandler and Abraham Lincoln were very familiar with farming-as most males were in that day. Both were known in their communites as honest and just in their dealings. Neither were fond of hunting. The story of Lincoln shooting his first turkey-and it’s after-effect on him- is well known. Both were very much into athletic sports! Chandler was considered the best wrestler in Bedford, Massachusettes. Lincoln was the best, or at least equal to the best, wrestler in New Salem, Illinios. Both entered the local militia. Both were arrested while serving in the militia. Both eventually moved Westward fullfilling their dreams and careers. Both worked and became owners in stores. Both were present during times of sickness and death in their communites. Chandler was in Detroit when cholera broke out. Lincoln was in Indiana during the “milk-sickness” that stuck his home and area. Both assisted in burying the dead. Both went on into politics and became men who impacted history. Both became Republicans. Oh yes, and one final thought-both hated slavery-but you knew that one already!

Lincoln the wrestler

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