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As a young man I read everything I could on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.  Actually, I read my first Lincoln book at age twelve. Interestingly enough, I found it emotionally distressing to read about Lincoln’s death-so I avoided that subject. Even today, after many years now, I find I experience a keen sense of loss when reading about the assassination. I realize that I’m mourning for Lincoln. I no longer avoid the subject, however. In informal talks with others who love Lincoln as I do, I find they experience the same sense of loss. Every year as April approaches, my mind begins to think about those days in 1865 leading up to the murder. April 14 and 15 are especially difficult. I find myself watching the clock on the night of April 14. At about 10:15pm, I almost hear the shot ring out that Booth delivered- mortally wounding the President. I imagine the confusion, chaos, and terror of that night in the theater. I hear Mary Lincoln screaming. I can almost feel the cool night air that Booth must have felt on his sweaty face as he rode off into the night bound for Virginia.

Then during the morning of every April 15th, I look at the clock again. At 7:22am, I recall that that was the precise time that Abraham Lincoln died. I then feel great loss myself. I know it’s silly. People probably think I’m nuts. There are those who do understand. I know know how this man ever got ahold of me like he has. He is constantly in my thoughts. Sometimes I scare myself! I was attending an opera with my daughter last year in an upper box in the theater. I was somewhat taken aback by my own thoughts. I thought maybe someone was going to shoot me. Crazy I know. As the box was dark and the stage was brightly lit, I could envision what it was like for Lincoln. Of course, he did not know at all that he was about to get shot. This year, on April 14th, as fate would have it- guess where I will be that night? Attending a performance in a theater! Oh, Lord help me!

B. Nash in the tomb-mourning for Lincoln

B. Nash in the tomb-mourning for Lincoln

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2 Responses to “Mourning for Lincoln”

  1. Geoffrey says:

    I wonder if interest in Elvis has waned? Interest in Lincoln certainly has not!

  2. Nate says:

    Interesting that someone could have a grip on so many hearts so long after his passing. Wonder if Elvis will have the same impact 100 years from now :)

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