My Thoughts Were on John Wilkes Booth Upon the News of the Death of Osama bin Laden

John Wilkes Booth

Immediately my thoughts went back to John Wilkes Booth when I heard the news that bin Laden had been killed. Some of the parallels between the two are very interesting. Both were terrorists and murderers who changed the world forever with their deeds. Both had conspirators involved in the execution of their plans. Neither one officially represented a country but rather “ideas.” Both targeted the United States of America as the enemy. Both were aware of the power of the media in their efforts. Both were “on the run” after their crimes were committed. Both were aided in their escapes by a network of others. Both received medical attention after their crimes. Both were killed by the U.S. military in a building by gunshot. Both sent someone else out in front of them before being killed. Neither one stood trial for their crimes. Both had conspirators with military tribunals. Both were buried in water? No, in the case of Booth there was a mock burial in the river with bystanders observing a drop from a boat that actually wasn’t Booth’s body-still the¬†similarity to bin Laden’s real burial at sea is fascinating. Both lie in unmarked graves. Both have devoted followers. Both had those who believed they had not been killed. Somehow 1865 and 2011 don’t seem that far apart. History repeats itself.¬† Have you thought of any other parallels?

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One Response to “My Thoughts Were on John Wilkes Booth Upon the News of the Death of Osama bin Laden”

  1. Dan says:

    Usama Bin Laden was buried at sea on May 2. John Wilkes Booth died on April 26th, then transported by wagon and ship and sometime before the ship arrived his body was supposedly buried at sea, later debunked, but I could not find a date for that. It could have been, with the difficulty of transport, on May 2, 1865…..With Obama’s love of all things Lincoln, it is an interesting coincidence. It would be a great conspiracy theory if we found that the original date for the Bin Laden raid was April 26th….And if we added to that the rumor that there was a high security person of interest held in Benghazi by the CIA, it might explain the deep secrecy and intentional misleading of the American people about Benghazi…..But does that mean that Bin Laden is now free and loose? Really, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’m not opposed to a little literary license and maybe a fiction novel should be written…..

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