Nancy Reagan talks about the Lincoln ghost

Nancy Reagan

In her book My Turn by Nancy Reagan, she talks about Abraham Lincoln’s ghost in the White House. Apparently, there had been many who, over the years, claimed to have experienced sightings of the 16th President. Mrs. Reagan denied ever seeing the ghost. She also states that President Reagan never did either. She notes that when the president heard the stories, “he just laughed them off.” In speaking of Lincoln’s ghost, he quipped: “Why don’t you send him down the hall? I’ve got a few questions I’d like to ask him.”

Mrs. Reagan goes on to tell of an incident one night when their dog Rex started barking while running to the Lincoln Bedroom. There was no one in the room at the time but the dog wouldn’t stop barking. Mr. Reagan went in the room and looked around. There was no one or nothing there. Rex refused to even go in the room. On another day, Mrs. Reagan noticed a picture in the Lincoln Bedroom needed straightening. A maid had also entered the room to do some dusting-and remarked: “Oh, he’s been here again.” This was, of course, a reference to Lincoln’s ghost. Mrs. Reagan had asked one of the butlers if he had ever seen the legendary ghost. He replied that once when he had been in the kitchen he heard the piano playing in the hall. When he went to see who was there- the music suddenly stopped. As it turned out, most of the White House staff seemed to believe the tales of Lincoln’s ghost. “They told stories of Eisenhower and Churchill both seeing him.”

Both Maureen Reagan and her husband claimed to have seen something. There was a “shadowy figure” by the fireplace. This was in the Lincoln Bedroom. Actually Abraham Lincoln never slept there. He held cabinet meetings there. President and Mrs. Reagan slept where the Mr. Lincoln slept-in the room “sometimes called the First Lady’s Bedroom.” Anyway, back to the Lincoln Bedroom-on another night, a man was seen wearing a red coat. The figure was transparent! When he turned around facing Maureen Reagan-he vanished.

It’s all interesting stuff. Is there a Lincoln ghost in the White House? Do ghosts exist? I suppose no one can really say. The Lincoln lore lives on. It seems that Lincoln’s impact on America and on the world-on our individual and collective thoughts-is so strong that he even appears as a ghost. That’s pretty powerful-even if you don’t believe in ghosts

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  1. Mr. says:

    I know that was the ghost in the fireplace. Apparently that’s one of the places he loves to hang out, since a naked Churchill and Abe locked eyes once before Abe abruptly disappeared

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