New Lincoln replica items

Replica of Lincoln's pocketknife

Replica of Lincoln’s pocketknife

Replica of the Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible

Replica of the Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible

On the night of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theater he was carrying a pocketknife. I can see Mr. Lincoln having such a useful instrument as he was such a practical man. I can picture peeling an apple or two for his lunch with it. The replica version of Lincoln’s pocketknife is a beautiful keepsake. The craftsmanship is faultless. The replica even has the crack in it that Lincoln’s had. I bought this item online last year to add to my collection of Lincoln-related things.

For my birthday this year I was given the exquisite Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible replica. The original one was used at the inaugural ceremonies of both Lincoln and Obama. What a nice piece it is. I was kind of surprised at how small it is. It is the King James version. This too is an item I will treasure in my collection. Now if I only had more room to contain everything…


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