Octagon House: Washington, Michigan



Octagon House in Washington, Michigan

Octagon House in Washington, Michigan



I’ve lived in Michigan most of my life. As soon as I got old enough to drive and to own a car- a trip to Romeo, Michigan was always fun. Back then, there was very little between Utica and Romeo. There was always the concern about breaking down or running out of gas in the “middle of nowhere.” Fortunately, neither one of those things ever happened. Today, there are plenty of gas stations and commercial places to aid stranded motorists in between the two communities. Washington is between Romeo and Utica. The unique house was always known as the “Octagon House.” Over the years, I’ve been through it many times. At one point, it was going to be demolished. Since then, it has been rescued a few times (thank goodness). I remember that there was a time when there was a farm there. School children went for tours there. It was a happy place. There was a day that I drove by and a group of men dressed as Union Civil War Soldiers were “camped” on the grounds of the property. Naturally, I stopped to chat awhile. It was only fitting that the house should be the spot where the “blue” would be seen again. The Octagon House was a station for runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad during the Civil War era. For that reason alone, the Octagon House- also known as Loren Andre House- deserves to be preserved and it’s history told. I understand there are tours available. I bet the inside of the house is amazing!





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