On the Hunt for a “Lincoln Treasure”

Treasure found! A Chalk Sitting Lincoln

Treasure found! A Chalk Sitting Lincoln


Lincoln statue by Universal Statuary Corp.

Lincoln statue by Universal Statuary Corp.

Drove by an antique store and had to stop in. Well, I didn’t have to. Something told me that there was something Lincoln in that place. That place had a ton of stuff. Really it looked like a hoarder’s dream.  Literally, there was a path to travel through the store- “fat man’s squeeze.” When I the walked in, the store owner, who could not be easily seen behind a desk covered by a mountain of things, politely asked: “Can I help you?” I answered back to the “voice:” “Looking for anything to do with Abraham Lincoln.” “Sorry,” he said. “Nothing in the store right now pertaining to Lincoln.” “Well, I’ll just look around then,” I answered. Within twenty feet of where that man was sitting, I spied a Lincoln piece. Admittedly, it was kind of buried in rubble. But there it was. I knew it! I just knew there was something Lincoln in that store. Even the store owner had forgotten about it. Who knows how long it had been hidden there. “Well,” he said. “You found something after all!” Indeed I had. I had never seen a piece like it before. See the two pictures above to get an idea of it’s look. On the backside it has a stamp: “Universal Statuary Corp. 1964 Chicago 22. It also has the number 780. Does that mean, perhaps, that the statue was number 780 in a numbered set? It measures 10 inches tall. At any rate, I was thrilled with the hunt and the find. My wife, thinks I have enough of these kinds of things. Personally, I don’t think one can ever have too much! If anyone has any information on the piece, please share! Would love to hear from you.
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3 Responses to “On the Hunt for a “Lincoln Treasure””

  1. Joseph Carroll says:

    I have a statue kind of like that one, except mine is from 1963.

  2. B. Nash says:

    Hi Dave! Yes, I had never seen a piece quite like it. You just never know what you might find in some of those antique places. Happy hunting!

  3. Dave Wiegers says:

    What an interesting piece. I looked up the manufacturer and they were a Chicago entity.
    I am going to have to start poking around in some of the local rummage and antique shops. I collect Lincoln images (as you might imagine) and have a small collection of brass Lincoln bookends.

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