One more Memorial Day 2012 tribute

B. Nash at grave of Civil War soldier John Beutel


I have almost in my back yard in Sterling Heights, Michigan-a cemetery. It is the Kukuk Cemetery or the St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery. It is  very small and sits on a hill off of what would be 18 Mile Road- if it went through that area.  Like so many cemeteries nowadays there have been episodes of vandalism. Grave markers have been knocked over-some destroyed. Caring persons have done well in providing repair and maintenance.  By the way, some say the old place is haunted. I wouldn’t know about that-but there are some very old graves there.

One grave that interests me, in particular, is that of Civil War soldier veteran John Beutel. As far as I know, he is the only Civil War soldier buried there. Back in October 2005,  Camp 2 of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Department of Michigan (the General Israel B. Richardson Camp)-held a headstone dedication ceremony there to honor him. His descendent Dr. Carl Becker with family members were there also. Dr. Becker was a loyal member of the Sons of Union Veterans (Camp 2). What a special day that was. See:

John Beutel served honorably in the 22nd Michigan Infantry, Company G (1862-1865). He was wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga- one of the bloodiest of the war.  He deserves all honor for his service-as do all veterans.

I placed a fresh American flag and his final resting place and gave him a salute. He would be pleasantly surprised, perhaps, to see a man dressed as a Union Soldier standing over his grave giving him his due. Brother Beutel-you earned it! God bless you while your body continues to rest in peace.


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