Party on Mr. Lincoln!

Birthday card given to B. Nash

Birthday card given to B. Nash

It was my birthday last March. A friend gave me the wonderful birthday card as pictured above. LOL. I’m not sure about “partying” at my age- and I’m not sure either what partying was like “four score and seven years ago.” But the card is very cute- and, of course, it features Lincoln!

Abraham Lincoln doesn’t seem to have been much of a party person. From what I know, he didn’t drink or smoke. ┬áHe didn’t get into trouble, either. Boring. He did enjoy telling jokes. He liked to laugh. It’s pretty amazing that popular culture today likes to feature Lincoln as some sort of “party animal.” I own a metal poster of Lincoln with a beer in his hand. The caption on the poster says something about beer. I don’t remember what it says. It really is okay with me. I think that when Lincoln did attend parties or social gatherings he probably had fun- maybe even was the center of attention with his story-telling. That being said, all I can say is: “Party on Mr. Lincoln!”

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One Response to “Party on Mr. Lincoln!”

  1. Gene says:

    A Happy belated Birthday. While I doubt Lincoln was a “party animal”, I’m sure he was a great person to have at a party.

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