Presidential Quotes on Lincoln

Lincoln bust

Lincoln bust


Quotes on Lincoln that I found by other Presidents of the United States:

Grover Cleveland:

“I am delighted with the book you sent me as a Christmas gift-Lincoln in the Telegraph Office-and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. I have already enough of it to be impressed with what it contains of a new closeness to a supremely great and good man. This “closeness” grows more valuable to me and somehow more-more-sacredly enshrined in my passionate Americanism, with every year of my life.”

James Garfield, 1878:

“Gifted with an insight and a foresight which the ancients would have called divination, he saw, in the midst of darkness and obscurity, the logic of events, and forecast the result. From the first, in his quaint, original way, without ostentation or offense to his associates, he was pilot and commander of his administration. He was one of the few great rulers whose wisdom increased with his power, and whose spirit grew gentler and tenderer as his triumps were multiplied.”

Benjamin Harrison, 1898:

“Qualities of heart and mind combined to make him a man who has won the love of mankind. He is beloved He stands like a great lighthouse to show the way of duty to all his countrymen and to send afar a beam of courage to those who beat against the winds. We do him reverence.”

William McKinley, 1896:

“Lincoln’s fame rests upon a severer test than that of any other American. Never, in all the ages of men, have the acts, words, motives-even thoughts-of any statesman been so scrutinized, analized, studied, or speculated upon, as his. Yet from all inquirers, without distinction as to a party, church, section, or country, from friend and foe alike, comes the unanimous verdict that Abraham Lincoln must have no second place in American history, and that he will never be second to any in the reverent affections of the American people.”

Theodore Roosevelt, 1909:

“As the years roll by, and as all of us, wherever we dwell, grow to feel an equal pride in the valor and selfless devotion, alike of the men who wore the blue and the men who wore the gray, so this whole Nation will grow to feel peculiar sense of pride in the mightiest of the mighty men who mastered the mighty days; the lover of his country and of all mankind; the man whose blood was shed for the union of his people and for the freedom of a race-Abraham Lincoln.”

William Howard Taft, 1909:

“We never have had a man in public life whose sense of duty was stronger, whose bearing¬† toward those with whom he came in contact, whether his friends or political opponents, was characterized by a greater sense of fairness than Abraham Lincoln. We never have had a man in public life who took upon himself uncomplainingly the woes of the Nation and suffered in his soul from the weight of them as he did. We have never had a man in our history who had such a mixture of far-sightedness, understanding of people, commonsense, high sense of duty, power of inexorable logic, and confidence in the goodness of God in working out a righteous result, as this greatest product of the soil of our contry.”

Woodrow Wilson, 1909:

“Can we have other Lincolns? We cannot do without them. This country is going to have crisis after crisis. God send they may not be bloody crises, but they will be intense and acute. No body politic so abounding in life and so puzzled by problems as ours is can avoid moving from crisis to crisis. We must have the leadership of sane, genial men of universal use like Lincoln to save us from mistakes and give us the necessary leadership in such days of struggle and difficulty.”

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  1. John White says:

    came on your blog looking for JFK quotes on Lincoln for my blog. You really have a great blog & I will return & check it out often. I would be honored to have you check out my JFK blog at the URI I have entered. I didn’t find any JFK quotes on Lincoln here. Do you know where I could find some, I know he mentioned Lincoln many times in his speeches & in answering reporters’ questions.

  2. B. Nash says:

    Picked it up in a flea market for ten bucks. Lincoln rules!

  3. Nate says:

    Where you get the Lincoln bust? Love the quotes, by the way.

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