Quick, hand me an Abraham Lincoln bandage!

Lincoln bandages-good for what ails you?



Are they tacky? Yes, but the Lincoln world is full of tacky Lincoln-related items.  Remember the Lincoln Chia-head, anyone ?  Are they sticky?  You bet?  So why not cover up those minor cuts and scratches on yourself and your loved ones with a Lincoln bandage! As the marketing line states: “I will heal your wound as I healed a nation!” And don’t forget each package of Lincoln bandages contains a free prize inside! My first opened box revealed I had the prize of a tattoo (of a horse). Oh joy, does it get any better?  Okay, lighten up folks. :)

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2 Responses to “Quick, hand me an Abraham Lincoln bandage!”

  1. B. Nash says:

    We just tried one of the bandages out. My grandson cut his finger-works good!

  2. Kevin Lindsey says:

    Oh ny goodness…what will they think of next!
    At least its in a period appropriate metal box! :)

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