Ramblings from “Lincolnman”

Holding a brick from Lincoln's Springfield home (from the Dondero collection)

“Lincolnman” B. Nash holding a brick from Lincoln’s Springfield home (from the Dondero collection)

Milk bottle (from the collection of B. Nash)

Milk bottle (from the collection of B. Nash)

Lin-Cola Bottle (from the collection of B. Nash)

Lin-Cola Bottle (from the collection of B. Nash)

I’ve been known as “Lincolnman” for sometime now. It’s a tag I’ve accepted-and am even honored by it. So many times, someone will say concerning me: “Oh, you know Bill, he is the Lincoln man.” Well, “Lincoln man” eventually morphed into “Lincolnman.” I’ve been asked: “Don’t you ever get tired of all that Lincoln stuff?” The truth is, I don’t. It’s a passion that I dearly am-passionate about! I’ve been maintaining this blog for a few years now. Really, I don’t care if anyone visits it. I want people to visit it-don’t get me wrong. But, I do the blog because I simply love Lincoln and find enjoyment out of the blog. It’s fun! I hope that others enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy posting things on it!

Last week I made a posting about a bottle in my collection- the “Lin-Cola bottle.  Please see the picture above for a better look.  To a person, like me, who loves all things Lincoln-it’s a gem. Yes, it’s rather beat up and old. It’s chipped. But, what a find! To me, it’s like finding gold. I met some bottle collectors up in the Lake Linden, Michigan. They are very serious about their passion-bottles. Some of the bottles-mostly beer bottles- are selling for as high as $150.00. My Lin-Cola bottle is probably not worth that much.-it certainly isn’t what I paid for it. But, then again, the market is only as good as what someone is actually willing to pay for it. Oh, it’s not for sale.

Then there is the milk bottle from Lincoln Woods Farm, Inc. (see picture above). Now that’s a milk I would certainly enjoy! Does the farm still exist? I have no idea. I remember when milk was contained in those glass containers. Here in Michigan, we had the Twin Pines Company- when I was a kid- that would deliver milk and other items to the doorstep. In fact, many homes had chutes in the outer wall of the house where the milkman would place the ordered items. Remember that? These various glass containers that used to be the standard for beverages and such, don’t seem to be much in use anymore. More beverages have gone to plastic. I wonder if there are plastic bottle collectors? I suppose there are. If any of them have an image of Lincoln on them, I might be interested-no, I would definitely be interested!



















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8 Responses to “Ramblings from “Lincolnman””

  1. Cheryl Austin says:

    Hi Mr. Nash, I ran across your blog trying to research a bottle I have. It’s clear light green glass, with a cursive, slanted-up “Lincoln” on one side (raised lettering). On the bottom it says CONTENTS 1 PT, 10 FL. OZ. with an interesting symbol that might be a fancy combination of LBCo. If you have any interest in seeing photos, I have a couple I could send. Thank you.

  2. GregSkibitsky says:

    Hey lincolnman, I saw the post from Linda Arnold-Fabre and that she was looking for a Lincoln Farms milk bottle. I have a one quart bottle that I am not attached too. Can you forward this to her along with my email address. TX Greg

  3. B. Nash says:

    No, not at this time. Thank you for asking.

  4. Linda L Fabre says:

    it is from my grandfathers dairy farm in Saylesville, RI. Our family owned the land to what is now known as Lincoln Woods in Lincoln, RI-a state park. Saylesville is a village in Lincoln. The dairy farm was operated by many generations of my family, The Arnolds, and at one point, had an ice cream parlor associated with it which may be depicted on the back of your bottle. Please consider selling it to me if you are not that attached. Many thanks!Linda Arnold-Fabre

  5. Linda L Fabre says:

    Are you interested in selling that bottle?

  6. B. Nash says:

    Hi Jim: Hold on to it. They seem to be rare. I have a few now but I don’t see them very often.

  7. Jim says:

    It’s from 52 green glass I think it very rare

  8. Jim says:

    I have a lincoln bottle from that co

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