Robert Todd Lincoln?

Robert Todd Lincoln Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument , Cleveland, Ohio

Robert Todd Lincoln
Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument , Cleveland, Ohio

Robert Todd Lincoln- is that you? It is! At the bottom of this sculpture, featuring Abraham Lincoln and various Union officers, the names of each person depicted are written. Sure enough- there is the name Robert Todd Lincoln.  It is true that the figure of Robert Todd is placed in the background behind other men. In fact, as you can see from the photograph- it really is pretty much just his bust and head that are visable. Still, it strikes me that this is the only sculpture of him that I am aware of featuring the son of Abraham Lincoln in uniform. Am I wrong? Please let me know if I am. I also find it interesting given that the Lincolns had grave concerns about their son enlisting in the military. President Lincoln had written a letter to General Grant asking if Robert Todd might be placed under his staff. Grant had no problem doing so. I remember also that Robert Todd had been questioned (later on) about General Lee by his father. Why? Because Robert Todd was there at the surrender! For that reason alone, it is altogether fitting that he be featured among the officers at the monument. I wonder if he was aware of his placement in it?

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