Similarites Between the Assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln


Youtube video listing just a few of the similarites between Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

WARNING: This clip contains actual footage of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas and is quite graphic.

I wasn’t sure if I should even post this Youtube video. The film clip of President Kennedy being shot at it’s end seems unessessary and gratuitous. However,  it’s not new and has been viewed by the public for years. Whenever I look at the footage I still cringe at it’s horror that he was murdered in such a way (from behind) sitting next to his wife. Seeing anyone shot is not a comfortable thing-much less a president.  Of course, that was part of the horror of Lincoln’s killing. He was shot sitting next to his wife from behind also- and it couldn’t have been pretty. I think in our culture we have been acclimated to seeing violence in all our media. Even our children play violent video games!  Let us not forget that the assassinations were violent bloody affairs-in order to remind ourselves that such acts are not acceptable by any means.

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