Similarities in the Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations, Part 1

J Wilkes Booth


Gleaned largely from the book: ‘Lincoln and Kennedy’ by Dr. John K. Lattimer


*Both assassins learned from the newspapers that their intended victims would be coming to them at their places of work.

*Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln automobile (a Ford product) and Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theatre.

*Oswald fired his weapon from a warehouse and fled to a theatre. Booth shot Lincoln in a theatre and was captured in a warehouse ( a tobacco barn).

*The killers of the assassins, Ruby and Corbett, used Colt revolvers, each firing only one shot. Also both had changed their names.

*The assassins Booth and Oswald each survived a little over two hours after being shot.

*Both presidents were shot in the backs of their heads, on a Friday, while seated next to their wives-in the presence of another couple.

*Both wives (Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Kennedy) held their husbands’ heads after the shootings.

*The males of both sets of couples were also hurt by the assassins. Major Rathbone was wounded by Booth with a knife after shooting Lincoln. John Connelly was wounded by the assassin’s bullet after it exited Kennedy’s body.

*Both Lincoln and Kennedy were given closed-chest cardiac massage and artificial respiration.

*Both Lincoln and Kennedy had only partial autopsies.

*Both Lincoln and Kennedy were laid in state in the East Room of the White House-on the same catafalque base.

*Both Lincoln and Kennedy had the same funeral arrangements.

*Both Oswald and Booth had been stopped by authorities and released shortly after the assassinations.

*In each case, press photographs of the bodies were forbidden by a member of the Cabinet.

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2 Responses to “Similarities in the Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations, Part 1”

  1. B. Nash says:

    I have a more complete list that I want to present for a ‘Good of the Order’ for one of our SUVCW meetings. You’re right-it’s very spooky!!!

  2. Kevin Lindsey says:

    While I was familiar with most of these, I have to admit that I have always found the similarities fascinating, if not a little eerie!

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