Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument, Cleveland

Soldiers & Sailor's Monument in Cleveland, Ohio

Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument in Cleveland, Ohio




There was some recent vandalism to the beautiful monument in downtown Cleveland. How could anyone do such a thing? The cost to repair is enormous. Sadly, this kind of thing is not new- as readers of are aware.

It had been a few years since I made a visit to the site. The last time I visited- the monument was closed. Arriving earlier in the day- I was able to go in. What a place! If you’ve never been there- I highly recommend it! Of course, the highlight for me is viewing the depictions of Abraham Lincoln in the center (as seen above).

How many people pass by the monument to Ohio’s Civil War soldiers and sailors- and don’t even know what it it they are looking at? Probably countless.

There is no admission charge to tour the monument. On the day of my visit there were two guides inside showing folks around. The monument really is a mini-museum. Because it is located downtown-parking can be an issue. I was there on a weekday and had to park several blocks away at a metered spot. My tour-guide gave the information that it opened to the public in 1894. The architect was Levi Scofield. Scofield also designed the sculptures.  There are 9,000 names of Cuyahoga County Civil War veterans that served on the walls inside. When the event was dedicated, William McKinley gave the keynote address. The parade honoring the event was five miles long.

With such a rich history- and for such a worthy cause- I hope and pray the monument continues to be available to the public and to educate regarding what the soldiers and sailors did to provide a “new birth of freedom” to all. Oh, -and may the vandals of the “sacred” site get their “reward.”






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