Some history on William Nash, father of Edmond

 WILLIAM NASH (b. 1810-1820, d. aftr 1880)      

Born between 1810-1820, during the presidential terms of James Madison and James Monroe, respectively. He was born in North Carolina. William moved with his parents William and Lucy (and the rest of his family) to White County, Tennessee. William was between the ages of 13 and 23 when the move was made. He married Elizabeth Felts in White County on July 6, 1842. Elizabeth Felts Nash was born in Tennessee. The marriage was officiated by Shadrach Price, Esq. They were a farming family with at least ten children, eventually. Also in 1842 (December 24th), a William Nash purchased 135 acres for $500.00 from F. Elmore, Deed Book N-311. This may have been either William Nash the father or William Nash the son. Within a year of that date, a William Nash sold a 138 acre tract and paid $80.00 to settle a debt with two men in Deed Book N-337. Could this debt have had to be settled because of the death of William the father? 

William’s father (William) had probably died by 1850, leaving his mother Lucy to tend house. On August 8, 1847, a William Nash bought a 135 tract of land for $300.00 from J. Allison. In 1849, the White County Tax Records show that William Nash paid taxes on 373 acres in the 7th Civil District and the property was valued at $900.00.  Looking at the 1850 Census data, it reveals that the Nashes were all living near each other, for mutual support it can be presumed. Unfortunately, by 1861 several liens were put on the land owned by William Nash. By 1865, William Nash had paid taxes on his then 235 acres of land valued at $300.00.  In 1867, William and his brother Allen Dirgin Nash both paid the poll tax on William’s 235 acres which had increased in value to $350.00. Finally, in 1868, William Nash sold his 235 acres for $485.00 according to Deed Book V-421.

The 1870 United States Federal Census for White County, Tennessee (District 7) finds the Nash families still near each other. William and Elizabeth (BK# 1194) have nine children at home with them ranging in ages from 4 to 24.  There is Milly, Absolom, Lucy Jane, Nicholas, Nancy, John, William, Babe, and Sampson. Interesting to note that their 21 year old son Absolom, is listed as “insane” in the census. One son of William and Elizabeth not in the home is- Edmond (my direct line). He is living nearby (BK#1177) with his wife Susannah and two children.                                                                          

Edmond is 23 years old. Allen Dirgin Nash and his wife Sarah are living at BK-1195. They have five children at home ranging in ages from 2 to 14. There is George, Jesse, William, James, and John. Over at BK-1193, widowed Lucy is living with three children, as earlier noted. There is another Nash as a head of household listed living at BK-1192. She is 30 year old Mary Nash. She has three children with her: Mary, age 9, Dirgin (sound familiar?) age 7, and James, age 3. Is she widowed? Is she divorced? There can be no doubt that she was part of our Nash clan. Nash family members have speculated that she had been married either to George or Linsey Nash- both sons of William and Lucy Nash. Years later, Allen Dirgin Nash mentioned her in a deed in Dickson County.  

The 1880 United States Federal Census contains the last entry for William Nash. He is cited as a farmer. His age is given at 73 years. This would place his birth at around 1807, contrary to other sources which place his birth between 1810-1820. Such is genealogy! It also places his birth as North Carolina. However, it shows his father as having been born in Virginia. This is the reason some believe he was born there instead of North Carolina. This is possible of course. However, given the fact that his father Joseph and grandfather John resided in North Carolina, my vote opts for that State. In 1880, William and Elizabeth are still keeping home in White County, Tennessee. The census is for District 11. It gives Elizabeth’s age as 67 and notes that she has dysentery. Dysentery is an illness involving severe diarrhea that is often associated with blood in the feces. It is caused by ingestion of food containing bacteria. Sampson, their 14 year old son is also noted as having the illness. Also living in the home are: Milly, 40 years old and single, Nancy, 26 years old and single, John, 21 years old and single, Billie (son), 20 years old and single, Babe (son), 18 years old,  and two grandchildren, George M., 8 years old, and Lee Ann, 10 months old. They are the children of William and Elizabeth’s daughter Nancy (also living in the home as listed). Apparently, Nancy Nash had both children out of wedlock. One Nash descendent shows her as eventually getting married to a George Washington Williamson circa 1884 in Tennessee. Whether or not he is the father of the two children George and Lee Ann, it is not known to me. Is it only a coincidence that her future husband and current (at that time) 8 year old son are both named George?  Elizabeth Felts Nash is also not listed in a census after 1880. I have not been able to find the dates of death for William or Elizabeth, nor where they are buried. One Nash relative has William as having died and buried in Putnam County. She can cite no proof of her claim. More likely, both died and are buried in White County where they lived and raised their family for so long. This could be a job for a future Nash researcher. My guess is that they were, like so many, buried perhaps in a little family graveyard on their property at that time- and now are “lost.”

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  1. Karen Brown says:

    I have found Allen and George Nash living in Union Twp Bollinger Mo. in 1860. Allen is 26 with wife Sarah 23 and son George age 4. George is 24 with wife Charlotte 20 and Dau. Mary E. age 10 months. In 1870 Mary E Nash is in White County Tenn. Dist. 7 with children Mary E., Dirgin, and James. In 1880 the listing is Charlotte Nash aged 39 with children Dirg aged 18 and James, aged 12. Living in District 7 White County Tenn. Nearby is James D. Howell aged 28, with wife Mary E, aged 21 with dau. Luetta aged 1. I believe Charlotte was a Lafever. The entry as Mary E. in 1870 appears to be an error. I have not seen information on this move to Missouri elsewhere. So it seems that Mary E., Dirgin, and James Nash were the offspring of George Nash..

  2. Randall R. Emery says:

    Thank you. LeeAnn is my Great Grandmother and I had only met her once when I was VERY young. She died 25 Aug 1970 in Sparta and is buried (along with most of her family) in the Never Fail Cemetary in the same area. I could never find any information on her as I could not access the 1880 Census and forgot to go back to it later. I would appreciate a GEDCOM or Pedigree chart for her ancestors if you have it and would be willing to share it. You’ve made my year. Being researching the family tree for over 40 years and have had a road block here. Many, MANY Thanks and good hunting! Randy Emery

  3. B. Nash says:

    Richard: No, not based on the information you have given. Was your William Nash from Tennessee? I can tell he is not in my direct line. Have you started with The LDS site is helpful also.

  4. Richard Smith birth father Richard D. Nash says:

    Hello, my name is Richard Smith, in San Diego. I am tracking down the genealogy of my real father, Richard D. Nash. I know his fathers name was William Nash and I believe he was born in 1850. His wife was Sally, maiden name Daughtery I am not sure on this spelling. I have been told but am not positive that William Nash is responsible for Nash’s Ford but am not sure. Do you have any info that could help me in my search? Richard Smith 760-420-8006 Thanks

  5. B. Nash says:

    Hello Ben: We are related! I haven’t studied my Nash line for ten years now. I had moved on to my Judd line. I can tell you that Rhoda is related to us. Try contacting Ms. Geraldine Pollard of the White County Historical Society. She is very much into the Nash family history and published a historical paper called “The Past Finder.” Try this email: Tell her Bill Nash from Michigan says “hi.”

  6. Ben Nash, Jr. says:

    Hey Bill,
    Our family has been doing research for several years now combined. I believe we also are descended from William & Lucy Nash. I have seen the Nash families early on in 1840 & 1850 in Jackson and White counties in TN. I was wondering what your thoughts are about the Rhoda Nash family that also appears about the same time and at one point lives in close proximity to the other Nash families. Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!

  7. B. Nash says:

    Hi Susan: Yes, I was referring to William’s parent. Susan, I haven’t worked on my Nash genealogy in 10 years-and don’t have the time anymore to work on it. I apologize. Anything you could discover would carry the information on!

  8. Susan Hinkle Lovett says:

    Hi Bill — I am a descendant of Edmond Nash and my father and I have been doing some digging along with my father’s cousin. I have one question, though. You mention William’s parents as William and Lucy. But later in your history above, you say his father Joseph and grandfather John. Are you talking about William Sr.’s parents? If so, I’m having trouble reconciling the birthdates listed. Could you elucidate a little for me? Thanks!

  9. Daniel T Nash says:

    Hi, Bill. I descend from Nick Nash, youner bro of Edmond. The following is a compilation of post by Janice Langenfield(AKA: sunylady-the extended family resides around Jacksonville). She is gdaughter of Henry Clay Nash, son of William M Nash(1860-), son of William Nash(1810-1880), son of William Dirgin Nash(1790-1850), son of Joseph Nash, son of John William Nash(1755-), son of John Henry Nash(1738-), son of William Dirgin Nash(circa 1695). At abt age 15, WD was amoung a group of Cherokee taken slave by an english Nash family. Upon release, each slave was given the Nash surname. At abt age 35, WD married Frances O’Shea, an Irish girl much younger than he. To another researcher, Janice provided the names of WD’s children. Not positive, but told this occured in NC. Thoughts, comments, etc. are welcome. My tree and y-46 DNA are on under smnash1. Thanks

  10. B. Nash says:

    Hi Martha!
    We are cousins then. Allen was an uncle to me. I don’t have a picture of him. There are Nash kin who claim they do, but I’ve never seen a pic. Thank you for visiting!

  11. Martha Nash Clepper says:

    Bill, thank you for this wonderful website. I am a descendent of Allen Dirgin Nash (my 2nd great grandfather). He lived a good long life and is buried near Lawrenceburg, TN. Do you know if photos of Allen exist? I would love to see one. Keep up the great work!

  12. B. Nash says:

    Hi Sue,
    We are cousins! Good to meet you.

  13. Sue Darby says:

    I have just become interested in the Nash family history and am a descendent of Edmond and Suzannah. My great grandfather was Almond Nash, born 3/18/1870 in White Co. TN and later migrated to Springtown in Parker Co. TX.
    I will attempt to work on earlier history of this family.

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