Some Lincoln Conspiracy Theories

Andrew Johnson and Lincoln

Andrew Johnson and Lincoln

Some people will believe anything. They see what they want to see and sometimes ignore evidence to the contrary. That is true about conspiracies concerning the Lincoln assassination. There have been many theories since Lincoln’s death. Here are a few:
*Andrew Johnson was involved in it.  John Wilkes Booth had left a note for Johnson-which has been taken by some to point to Vice-President Johnson’s involvement. None other than Mary Todd Lincoln thought he was.
*Mary Todd Lincoln masterminded it. After all, she was the one responsible for hiring John F. Parker-the guard who left his post and “permitted” by his absence the easy entry of Booth to shoot Lincoln.
* Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln’s Secretary of War, planned it. The claim has been made that he along with financiers and certain politicians had aspirations to enrich themselves after the war via Southern plunder. Lincoln was killed to make it possible.
*The Catholic Church ordered it. The Pope authorized it and the Jesuits carried it out.
*Jefferson Davis was behind it. The government certainly held this belief after the assassination. For many, it was and is hard to believe that Davis was not involved in it. After all, they reason, Booth had connections to Richmond.
There are many weird twists and turns in the Lincoln assassination story. Each of the various theories claim support from them in some way or another.
Do your own homework. You be the judge. Let me know if you find anything.
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