Springfield, the city Lincoln never returned to.

Lincoln painting: dark and sad

Lincoln painting: dark and sad

Oh, I know- Lincoln did return to Springfield. But he was dead! Sorry to be so blunt. As I look at the painting on the wall (above) in my hotel, I see the pain in Lincoln’s face. He looks terribly worn and sad. Part of the suffering had to be from missing his home-Springfield. He had mentioned to Mary Todd on that day- of what would turn out to be the date of his assassination, that he planned on eventually returning to Springfield and resume his law practice. Springfield was his home. When he departed the city as the President-elect, he expressed great fondness for it-and sadness at leaving it. He even mentioned the possibilty that he might not ever return to it (alive).¬†Yes, Lincoln got “spooky” at times. His house in Springfield was the only home he ever owned. He had ties there. He also mentioned, upon leaving, that he had a son buried there (Eddie). Springfield had meant so much to him. Now 201 years later, Springfield owes so much to him. The poet Vachel Lindsay wrote that Lincoln walks around Springfield at the midnight hour-never resting. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Lincoln did return to Springfield. The poet suggested that his work was not done. I shall pay closer attention to this city-never know who I might see…
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