Still More on Zachariah Chandler and Abraham Lincoln, Part 2

B. Nash at Zachariah Chandler's grave in Detroit, Michigan

Both Abraham Lincoln and Zachariah Chandler were, at first, Whigs. Both made speeches supporting General Taylor for President. They both strongly favored internal improvements within their States-Chandler for Michigan and Lincoln for Illinois. Both were skilled in the art of debate. Chandler, along with four others, voted for Lincoln for the vice-presidency as a member of the Michigan delegation at Philadelphia in 1856 for the Republican party. Both Chandler and Lincoln gave speeches on August 27, 1856 in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Lincoln’s only Michigan visit). Later in 1860, Chandler worked very hard to help secure Lincoln’s election as President. He addressed large crowds in Hillsdale, Cassopoles, Paw Paw, and Kalamazoo (all in Michigan). In October 1860, Chandler made a speech at Abraham Lincoln’s home in Sprinfield, Illinois. His last campaign speech for Lincoln took place Nov. 1, 1860 in Detroit. Chandler’s labors paid off-Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States.

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