Tad Lincoln’s Comments on his father’s death

In the book Myths After Lincoln by Lloyd Lewis, the following is noted about Tad Lincoln following the death of his father:

“The cold rain stopped on Sunday morning, April 16, and the Spring sun shone.

Tad Lincoln, looking out of the White House window, saw the world grow bright. His tears, which had fallen since Friday night, dried on his cheeks. Maybe his father was happy now that the sun was out. He felt comforted.

Something of Abraham Lincoln’s mysticism was in that boy-inheritance, perhaps, from generations of woodsmen who had lived inscrutable, capricious forces of Nature.

“Do you think my father is in Heaven?” Tad asked one of those solemn, important men who had filled the White House since Saturday morning.

The man said yes, he was sure of it.

“I’m glad he has gone there,” said the little boy in that difficult speech of his, “for he wasn’t happy here. This wasn’t a good place for him.”


Tad Lincoln was not to live long. His given name was Thomas, but his father nicknamed him Tad because he was as “wiggly as a tadpole” when a baby. On the night of Lincoln’s assassination, Tad was at another theater. Naturally, he was devastated at his father’s killing. He died at the young age of 18 only six years after his father’s death.. It is thought he had congestive heart failure.

Tad joined his father in eternity. Perhaps Tad wasn’t happy in this world either. Maybe he really died of a broken heart.

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2 Responses to “Tad Lincoln’s Comments on his father’s death”

  1. B. Nash says:

    Your grammar, use of math, and historical knowledge are all poor. How far did you go in school?

  2. S says:

    Your information is inaccurate, Tad died 15 years after his father died not 6. If he had died 6 years after his dad died, then he would of died in the year 1962, he died 1971. I think you should fix your information, or pay attention to what you put on the internet, so that you are not giving people the wrong information.

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