Ten most accurate biographies based off of Abraham Lincoln’s life?

Who-Wah asked:

I’m interested in learning about the person Lincoln was. It could be a biography of his life (early childhood, marriage), his administration, his views on African-Americans and slavery, his stance on homosexuals. All that jazz & then some.

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5 Responses to “Ten most accurate biographies based off of Abraham Lincoln’s life?”

  1. josh says:

    The best book I’ve ever seen is Lincoln the unknown by dale carnegie. Hard to find unless you receive in a carnegie class. Not published but available on ebay etc. Considered by many as the most thorough and accurate biography.

  2. Brakes Required says:

    The only Lincoln book I’ve read to date is “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Not strictly a biography, but a very good insight into his administration. Maybe you’ve heard of it – it’s a relatively recent book and Obama apparently read it, fwiw.

    Fascinating, and also long.

  3. B. Nash says:

    I own and have read multiple times the books you cited-except for the ‘Summers with Lincoln.” For what it’s worth, I still enjoy Carl Sandburg very much also.

  4. Dave Wiegers says:

    There are some good ones that you should pick up.
    Ron White’s recent one-volume biography “A. Lincoln – a biography” is considered by many the best one that has come out around the Bicentennial.
    Two more specific works that I have liked are Harold Holzer’s “Lincon – President Elect” about the time between Lincoln’s election and his inauguration. Anthony Pitch wrote a book about Lincoln’s murder entitled “They Have killed Papa Dead” that is a good read. “Manhunter” by Swanson is another good book on the assassination.

    A friend of mine, Jim Percoco, wrote a book called “Summers with Lincoln” that is unusual. Jim is an award-winning teacher from Virginai that immerses his students in the subject of history and Lincoln. His book is about his work with his students and how he uses statues of Lincoln to reveal things about Lincoln and his students attitudes towards history.

  5. B. Nash says:

    I recommend ‘Lincoln’ by David Herbert Donald. It is considered one of the best one volume biographies of Mr. Lincoln.

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