The 80 Second Performance of John Wilkes Booth

Booth during his 80 second performance

Booth during his 80 second performance

From the moment that John Wilkes Booth fired that 44 Derringer caliber ball into President Lincoln’s head to his exit out the rear door of Ford’s Theater- took a mere eighty seconds. Eighty seconds..the shot was fired-the black powder smoke filled the box- gradually drifting out into the theater-Lincoln slumped- nevermore to be conscious-a few seconds elasped while Booth and the parties in the box remained still as if frozen in time-Rathbone jumped up as he realized an intruder had invaded their space and had done a dreadful deed-Booth drew out his knife and slashed Rathbone in an arm sending blood out in the area-Booth turned to make his escape out the box unto the stage-Rathbone grabbed his coat-Booth made it out but with an unsteady fall he landed on the stage-he had gotten tangled on the way down by bunting-Booth stood up fully to face the audience-bloody knife in hand-posing for all to see -his bold proclamation made-he began his exit across the stage to leave the building-a cry was heard from the box followed by more-Booth slashed his way as he fled-actor Harry Hawk ran from the situation on stage-the orchestra leader was almost struck-the audience was in confusion-more shouts from the box were voiced-Booth made it out the back door…all in eighty seconds time. Booth gave his final and boldest performance. In a short span of eighty seconds, he gave the world a performance that would never be forgotten. As he rode out into the night he couldn’t know that his eighty second performance would forever be associated with infamy. 
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