The Abraham Lincoln & Elvis Presley Connection

Elvis Presley: "I'm related to Lincoln?" (photo from

Elvis Presley: "I'm related to Lincoln?" (photo from

Continuing on the “celeb” vein from yesterday’s post (“The Abraham Lincoln & Marilyn Monroe Connection), I thought I’d bring the likes of another cultural icon to the site. I suppose when it comes to pop icons, no one beats Elvis Presley. He was and continues to be the King of Rock. More than thirty years after his death (is he really dead?), Elvis continues to be very big in our culture. I need not mention all that he acomplished in his short life of 42 years.
So whats the Abe/Elvis connection? Well, before I share what I really wanted to share-I thought of a few similarities between the two (in no particular order):
Both were born in the south (Lincoln -in Kentucky) and Presley in Mississippi).
Both were born in poor households and achieved great success.
Both served in the military.
Both lost their mothers.
Both have had postage stamps in their honor.
Please send me more similarities if you think of any.
The greatest Abraham Lincoln & Elvis Presley connection (in my humble opinion) is that they are RELATED. Yes, they are kin!  Elvis is a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln’s second great grandfather Isaiah Harrison. Harrison was born in 1666 and died in 1738. He came to America (NY) in 1687. He was born in England. To view the ancestral line connection see the file at:
Ok, it continues to amaze, doesn’t it?
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16 Responses to “The Abraham Lincoln & Elvis Presley Connection”

  1. Todd Harrison says:

    Very good information, Isaiah Harrison is also my 7th great-grandfather.

  2. Jason Alexander Palmer says:

    I’m related to him through my GGGG-Grandma Morning Dove is that the same side he is related to Lincoln

  3. Zach Evans says:

    If you are related to Abraham and Elvis through Isaiah Harrison like I am, you are also related to William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, I personally researched this and found they all four share common ancestors ( Henry De Hede is the only one I can remember )

  4. florence howorka says:

    My husband’s Grandmother was Lula Belle Harrison, daughter of Francis Marion Harrison, so our son and grandchildren are related to Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley? What about George Clooney? I read that he was related to Lincoln also, but don’t know how.

  5. B. Nash says:

    Yes, it is true!

  6. Kelly Green says:

    Isaiah Harrison is my 8th great-grandfather so it looks like Abe is my 3rd cousin six times removed and Elvis is my 6th or 7th cousin. Very cool. People don’t believe me when I tell them lol.

  7. Donna Allen says:

    I am in my local NSDAR Chapter on Isaiah Harrison’s daughter Mary who married Robert Craven!!! Robert was dead when the Revolution was going on so Mary gave money and supplies to the Continental Army so she is a Patriot.

  8. brandi says:

    elvis is my 6th cousin through peter presley son of andrew junior

  9. B. Nash says:

    Eric-that is awesome!!!

  10. Eric Harrison says:

    The Harrison’s descended from Isaiah Harrison are called “The Long Grey Trail” Harrisons because this is the trail they traveled from Oyster Bay, Long Island to Shenandoah Valley, VA.(where the Lincolns also settled)

    Hi Pam. I guess we’re related.

  11. Eric Harrison says:

    I went on genealogy sites to see if I was related to the Harrison presidents or the Beatle’s Harrison. I found out I was not, but that I am related to a president and a famous musician–Abe and Elvis. Through submission of DNA, I found out I was a direct descendant of Isaiah Harrison b. 1666 in Chester England. I was none too excited until I googled him and found him in the Lincoln family tree. I just found out about the Elvis relation today. I’m very surprised and happy.

  12. Pam Slater says:

    Therefore I am also related to Abraham Lincoln and Elvis..

  13. Pam Slater says:

    Isaiah Harrison is my 5th great grandfather.

  14. Kelly Nash-Palmer says:

    You’re welcome! Great post & a cool example of how greatness runs in the family!

  15. B. Nash says:

    Thanks for helping out Kelly. It seems that in my excitement over the post I neglected to include the Elvis line. Go Kelly!

  16. Kelly Nash-Palmer says:

    What an awesome connection! But, I noticed that Elvis was missing out of your link. To see where Elvis falls into Isaiah Harrison’s ancestral line, click here:
    Elvis is listed under “Generation 7.” He’s number 29.

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