The Abraham Lincoln & Marilyn Monroe Connection


Marilyn Monroe was a huge Lincoln fan! (photo from

Marilyn Monroe was a huge Lincoln fan! (photo from

“My father is Abraham Lincoln- I mean I think of Lincoln as my father. He was a wise and good man.”



Marilyn Monroe



Abraham Lincoln is a hero to people from all walks of life. I have been blessed to meet a wide variety of folks who admire him during my life-long passion for Lincoln. Apparently, Marilyn Monroe was a huge Lincoln fan (no-I never met her!). She had written a school paper on Lincoln back in her junior high school years. As an adult, she purchased Carl Sandburg’s biography on Lincoln and actually met Mr. Sandburg. I remember seeing several photographs of Marilyn Monroe with framed Lincoln pictures (including the one posted above). I think one of the pictures  was even shot with Marilyn in a Lincoln museum somewhere. Perhaps some of you have some additional knowledge or tid-bits to add to this story. I have previously mentioned on this blog that President Kennedy was inspired by Abraham Lincoln. Interesting to note: Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy back to Abraham Lincoln. So, let me see,—Marilyn Monroe loved a past president (Lincoln) who was assassinated and was involved (loved?) a president (Kennedy) who would be assassinated. Gets really spooky doesn’t it? Have a great day all!!!

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3 Responses to “The Abraham Lincoln & Marilyn Monroe Connection”

  1. Jack Mertes says:

    The photo of Marilyn Monroe gazing at Lincoln you refer to was taken in August of 1955 in Bryant Cottage in Bement Illinois during her visit there for their Centennial celebration. I am currently writing a book about that day and the amazing fact that 20,000 people came to see her! I will also soon have a book and play called The Springfield Experiment, about the months after Mary Todd Lincoln was released from the insane asylum in Batavia, Illinois.

  2. Phil Downe says:

    Here’s the site that my nephew set up. it explains the history of the book. Cheers,

  3. Phil Downe says:

    I have Marilyn Monroe’s copy of the Abraham Lincoln biography, The Prairie Years and the War Years. Nice to have one of her favourite books.

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