The Abraham Lincoln Statue at Adrian College in Michigan

My friend Dave Wiegers (see his wonderful Photography website featuring photos of Lincoln at: ) told me about a Lincoln statue at Adrian College. Who knew? I didn’t! Thanks, Dave!  So, off to Adrian, Michigan I went. I had never visited Adrian College previously. It was a nice drive of about two hours…

When I arrived at Adrian College- a Michigan Historical Sign greeted me.  It informed the reader that a part of the college campus had actually served as a base for Union Soldiers. That got my attention. Valade Hall stands currently where the camp was. I pictured scores of tents, horses, and soldiers marching and training at the site. Awesome!  Adrian College, by the way, is now over 150 years old. Its first president was Asa Mahan-an abolitionist. Part of the school’s mission statement says that it is “committed to the pursuit of truth and to the dignity of all people.”

The Abraham Lincoln statue on campus is located in the Shipman Library. There was no need to search for it once inside the library-It’s located in the center of the walkway between two librarian desks on either side. There it was!  The statue is the famous bronze work of young Lincoln on a horse reading a book. This is the same statue as the one at the New Salem State Historic Site in Illinois. The same one is also on campus at Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. There is one important difference from those two, however: the Adrian College Lincoln statue is much smaller. I didn’t measure it. Maybe it stands four and a half feet tall or so? It was donated to Adrian College by the Anna Hyatt Huntington (the sculptress) in 1963. Because it is a smaller work in size, the viewer has a better opportunity (I think) to look at its features “up close.”  Truly, I was better able to appreciate the fine artistry before my eyes. So, of course, I took some pictures!  And the library staff didn’t seem to mind. Maybe they’ve had others doing the same?

Interestingly enough, the library also has a Nicolay Heritage Room. Yes, the “Nicolay” in the title pertains to John Nicolay, one of President Lincoln’s secretaries. Inside the room was a framed picture of Lincoln with two of his secretaries, including Nicolay. I hoped to find other things in the room relevant to Lincoln but did not. There was an exhibit of things related to the Detroit Tigers- not bad for baseball fans and for lovers of the Tigers in particular! Oh well. I had a great time-and got to see yet another Lincoln in Michigan connection.

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  1. LincolnPhotog says:

    Bill, there are at least two other copies of this statue in this size. One is on the campus of Stevens Institute of Tech nology in Hoboken, NJ and the other is in Bethel, NY in front of the public library. The larger version of the statue can be seen in Lincoln city, Oregon; at the Lamont-Doherty Observatory in Palasades NY and in austria. There may be others but that is the list as I have compiled it.

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