The Brightmoor WW II Memorial Revisited


A few years ago featured a posting about the WW II Memorial that stands in the Brightmoor area on Detroit’s west side.  I went by the spot a few weeks ago and found it to be in about the same shape as previously noted. I was glad to see that a flag is still waving on it’s pole.  The memorial is of special interest to me because words of Abraham Lincoln are posted on one side of it’s base (see close up above). Again, I found myself wondering how many people pass and drive by- and don’t notice it. Well, somebody does know about it- because somebody is making sure the site has a flag.  It’s kind of sad really.  It was dedicated to those in all the armed services from that neighborhood that served in WW II. Those individuals are probably passed away. But the freedom they helped preserve is still enjoyed by every living person- including all those who travel by that spot in the middle of the road- and don’t notice it. Such is the way of life…



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2 Responses to “The Brightmoor WW II Memorial Revisited”

  1. B. Nash says:

    Hi Roger:
    I agree. I drove past it a few days ago-and it is still there. Someone is taking care of it- and I’m glad.

  2. Roger Norton says:

    Bill, good to see that the flag still flies over the Memorial.

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