The Day Abraham Lincoln Wed Mary Todd

Mary Todd

It was raining that day in Springfield. The sky was gray and gloomy. It was November 4, 1842.  Inside the home of Ninian Edwards could be heard the rain as it hit the roof and the windows. Perhaps no one noticed the weather. I wonder did Abraham and Mary notice? Did they take the rain falling down on their wedding day as an omen? Probably not. They were too excited! This was their wedding day. Rev. Dresser was in his minister’s robes and was ready. It was a Friday evening and a good time was to be had! Young Lincoln had the ring purchased from Chatterton’s store in downtown Springfield. It was engraved with “Love is Eternal.” Whatever prior misgivings he may have had about marriage had to be put aside at that moment. It was time. The engagement would not be broken off again. In front of a small gathering of about 30 people, Abraham and Mary took their vows in the parlor by the fireplace.  It was still raining. From that day until the day Lincoln died, he and Mary were married for 22 years. It was not an easy relationship. Trials come to all and the Lincolns were no exception. In their marriage together they experienced the loss of two children. Lincoln was gone much of the time with his career. Mary, it seems, became progressively mentally ill. The war years took it’s toll on them in ways unknown to all but themselves. Still, they carved out a life together in the best way they knew how. Their love for each other was deep and abiding. When one visits the Lincoln tomb, it’s easy to wonder why Lincoln is buried seperate from Mary and three of his sons. Yet, Mary lays in her grave with her wedding ring-the symbol of that which she held dear until her end. If Abraham and Mary could speak to us now about their marriage-what would they say? Was it worth it? The rain was falling on their wedding day. Should they have listened to it?

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    tell me about mary todds family and kids

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