The Day Lincoln Was Shot DVD

The Day Lincoln Was Shot is a book by Jim Bishop that I’ve always loved. In fact, I not only have the book itself in hardback, but I also have it in audiobook form. I probably listen to it once a year or so and am always delighted with it. Now the DVD of the book is available! I don’t know why I missed the original broadcast of the film on TNT back in 1998. Admittedly, I don’t watch much TV, but I would have made an exception for this movie! So in 2011, I purchased the DVD of the film that was released in 1998-oh well-better late than never.

I wasn’t disappointed. This movie is very well done. It stars Lance Henriksen as Lincoln and Rob Morrow as Booth. Both do outstanding jobs in their roles. Henriksen obviously studied Lincoln. He moves and acts like I imagine Lincoln would move and act. He looks very much like Lincoln, as well. Only his voice is off. Henrikson’s voice is much deeper than the accounts of Lincoln’s high pitched Kentucky twang was said to be. Henriksen nails Lincoln’s humor, patience, and quiet sturdiness. As for Morrow as Booth-he is also outstanding. I see Booth when I see Morrow playing Booth. He captures the various facets of the assassin-the gentleman, the playboy, the man absolutely devoted to the cause as he sees it. The other cast members are done fairly well, but Henriksen and Morrow make the movie.

The film is 94 minutes. The color is beautiful. The period sets are great. The music is dramatic and really adds to the build-up of the Ford’s theater shooting. Throughout the movie,one really gets the feel of 1865 Washington. The costumes are dead on-including the soldiers. The soldiers don’t look like re-enactors (like I think they do in Gettysburg). Sure, there are some problems with the historical record-but for me- they’re minor and not worth mentioning here. I recommend this film to Lincoln buffs as well as to those who may not be familiar with the history.  Have fun watching!

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2 Responses to “The Day Lincoln Was Shot DVD”

  1. B. Nash says:

    As you can tell from my review of the DVD-I highly recommend it. If you like the book you will just as much enjoy the DVD. I was very disappointed in The Conspirator movie. I don’t even plan on piurchasing it when it comes available. It has a very brief view of Lincoln in it- the shooting scene.

  2. Chris says:

    I didn’t know this was actually ever on DVD, so I’ll have to check it out sometime. It sounds like from your review it actually does have Lincoln in it – as far as I know, the last actual movie that did was Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure from 1989.

    I really wish Lincoln would appear in new films (and not just assassination related ones)! From what I’ve read the recent “Conspirator” movie doesn’t actually have Lincoln in it (could be wrong), the proposed Speilberg movie is supposed to, but I have no idea when or if that one will ever come out. (I thought it would around the Bicentennial.)

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