The Grandfather Lincoln Never Knew

Abraham Lincoln as a boy statue

Abraham Lincoln as a boy statue

When young Dennis Hanks ran into the cabin he found Nancy Hanks Lincoln holding her newborn son.
“What ya gonna name him?” asked Dennis.
“Abraham- after his grandpa.”
The reader may ask, “You mean there was another Abraham Lincoln?” Indeed there was!  The Abraham Lincoln we know today-the boy born into poverty who became President of the United States- had a paternal grandfather named Abraham Lincoln. He was, obviously, Thomas Lincoln’s daddy.
Abraham Lincoln never knew his grandfather. Thomas Lincoln’s father died before Abraham was born. However, the fact that Abraham Lincoln (the future President) was born is somewhat of a miracle. Here’s why:
Grandfather Abraham was tending to his corn in the field at his homestead in Kentucky. It was the late 1700’s. His three boys were with him-probably helping their dad with the work. Suddenly there was an Indian attack! Mr. Lincoln dtopped to the ground. Two of his sons ran off. One boy stayed with his fallen father. That boy was Thomas Lincoln. He was the future father of Abraham Lincoln. He didn’t know it but an Indian was standing over him-either to kill him or take him captive. One of his brothers, however, had made it to the cabin and using a long-rifle-shot the Indian dead.  
Think of what might have happened. If Thomas Lincoln had been killed there would have been no Abraham Lincoln. The same may have been true if he had been carried off. Often young captives became part of the tribe. Again, we would not have had an Abraham Lincoln-at least as we know him today…
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