The Lincoln Granite Company-A Name You Can Trust

A short while ago I made a posting about the Lincoln Chia pet as evidence that Abraham Lincoln continues to be everywhere! Once again, I found further confirmation of that statement while driving down Cass Avenue in Clinton Township, Michigan. A beautiful sign with Lincoln’s image was seen by the road: LINCOLN GRANITE. The sign also said: A Name You Can Trust. Wow! I decided to stop in and see who I could talk to. Brad Beck (Owner) was glad to talk to me. I told him I was a “Lincoln nut” who saw his sign and wanted to know more. No problem!

He told me that the Lincoln Granite Company serves the community in offering Memorials (and other related items) for deceased loved ones. He was particularly proud of the technology the business uses in creating personalized memorials. He went on to say that the Lincoln Granite Company originally started in Detroit by Woodmere Cemetery around 1903-and that there were three branches by 1940. However, the store I was visiting was the only branch left. It was started in 1963 on what was a rural road (now modern 21184 Cass Ave.). I complimented him on the quality of the Lincoln image on the sign. He talked about the high-tech process that developed it. He didn’t know the story of the use of the Lincoln name in the founding of the business.

In 1903, when the Lincoln Granite Company was founded, anything named after Lincoln was a sure bet. Abraham Lincoln was deceased less than a hundred years at that point. People who knew Lincoln were still alive. Multitudes of books were being written about him. The centennial of his birth was approaching (1909). The Lincoln cent would be arriving soon. Robert Todd Lincoln, still alive, was involved in the development of the design of the cent. Lincoln’s birthplace in Kentucky would have a memorial completed there soon, as well. And just a few years afterward, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington would be established. Yes, the idea of Lincoln the “saint” was at its height. So if one was an enterprising business owner at that time it only made sense to employ the trusted Lincoln name. And I don’t know about you but the name still stands for positive virtues today. After all, he is still “honest Abe.” That’s why today everything in commercial products from Chia pets to automobiles to granite memorials feature the name Lincoln. It’s still A Name You Can Trust.


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