The Lincoln Record Corporation; Who Knew?

A 78 rpm Record with the Lincoln label

I was in a flea market and saw a stack of old 78’s. To my utter amazement at the top of the pile was the name Lincoln. I never heard of a Lincoln record label-have any of you? There were three of them. I paid a grand total of one dollar for the three. As you can see from the pictures, the records have printed on their labels “The Lincoln Record Corporation, N.Y.”  One of the 78’s features the  Lincoln Dance Orchestra. I love the little Abraham Lincoln portaits on the labels too.

So what’s the history on these discs-or at least- the label? For that I refer to Wikipedia for help:

Lincoln Records was a United States record label in the 1920s.

The bulk of material on Lincoln were dance tunes recorded by bands of no particular note. Lincoln Records filled a market niche for people who wanted inexpensive, danceable records of popular tunes and did not particularly care who recorded them. Lincoln records retailed for 50 cents each. The label had a drawing of Abraham Lincoln on the top. Although the labels said that they were made by the Lincoln Record Corporation, New York, Lincoln was actually owned by Cameo Records. Some Lincoln issues were pressed from Cameo masters, although the name of the band which recorded for Cameo was usually changed to a pseudonym so that the Lincolns would not compete with those on the Cameo label.

The Lincoln Records label debuted in 1924 and was discontinued in 1930. It reappeared in 1949, probably revived by the American Record Corporation which had acquired Cameo years earlier. Through the mid-1950s some children’s records and music by less well known artists was released on 45rpm discs with the Lincoln name.

Over the years, of those records issued on Cameo and Lincoln, the Cameo records are much more commonly found, making Lincoln a rather scarce label.

Wow, what a find. At least, I think so! You just never know what you will find out there-but you gotta look!

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5 Responses to “The Lincoln Record Corporation; Who Knew?”

  1. Samuel Jones says:

    My husband has one from Lincoln Record..
    The City Mouse and The Country Mouse.
    Ride a Cock Horse and Fiddle- De-Dee

    I have been looking everywhere for information about these. Thankyou

  2. Tepehuanes says:

    Kinda weird that I just now found this site five years after it was posted! I’ve had Lincoln 2723 Among My Souviniers by The Caroliners b/w Kiss of Spring by Little Club Dance Orchestra since for over 25 years. Have never come upon another Lincoln pressing since. My guess has always been that this was a Cameo or Columbia master and The Caroliners were maybe The California Ramblers

  3. Isaac says:

    But selling only a few hundred records, he continued his position with the Noble Orchestra.
    On the deck stands a lone figure, the captain, in high rain gear and holding a brass
    tube to his eye. When the music stops, instruct them to stand, put the instrument
    on the chairs, and move to different chairs.

  4. B. Nash says:

    Jim: Thank you for the great input!

  5. Jim says:

    I have 1 (2 sided) Lincoln Record in my collection. It is Cat# 2294
    Song: Way Out West In Kansas by Carson Robison (Salt and Prpper) Duet 1253
    Song: ELIZA by Kahn-Fiorito Duet 1254
    I didn’t know Cameo was part of the business.
    I also have 1 (2 sided) Cat# 281
    Song: Carolina in the Morning by Walter Donaldson 292 Foxtrot
    Song: Tickle Me by Snyder-Smith 293 Foxtrot
    I have had these recordings for about 30 years.
    Good to share info with you,

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